Why Outlook Not Receiving Mails but Can Send [Fixed]

So last night I received an email from one of my friend and he asked “There seems to be some serious problem with my Outlook. I have no problem in sending email from my Outlook but I am not able to receive emails. Could you please help me in fixing the issue?” After getting this email, we both started working on it and were able to fix the issue.

We would like to share the fixes that we have used to solve this problem so that anyone who is having the same issue can be benefited from it. So let’s first understand the reasons why your Outlook is not receiving mails but can send.

Why Outlook is not Receiving Emails

  • Your Firewall setting might be creating the problems. In your firewall you might have blocked the incoming PORT.
  • Plugins Installed in Outlook can also create the problems of not receiving emails.
  • You might be receiving emails in your JUNK or SPAM folder instead of Inbox.
  • There might be synchronization issue, may be your account is not synchronized properly in outlook
  • You might have added email forwarding rules in your Outlook and due to that incoming mails are forwarded to any other email account or subfolders.

How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Mails but Can Send in MS Outlook

1). Check Spam Folder: Before we take any action it is recommended to check the spam folder. This might be possible that you have received the email in Outlook but due to some reasons Outlook has marked the email as Spam and if available in your Spam folder. If this is the case and you want to receive emails in Inbox from that particular email ID then Open the Email, Click on Action from Menu >> Junk E-Mails >> Mark as Not Junk. Once done, you will receive the emails from that ID in Inbox Folder.

2). Check Email Forwarding Rules: Check email forwarding rules, if you have created any rule that is forwarding the received emails to some other folder then it will not get reflected in your Inbox. So we will need to remove that forwarding rule and will resolve the issue Outlook Not Receiving Mails but can send. To remove the rules follow the steps mentioned below:

Remove Rules in Outlook 2019, 2017 and 2013:

  • Click on File >> Manage Rules and Alerts >> Now Select the rule that you want to remove.

Remove Rules in Outlook.com

  • Settings >> View all Outlook Settings >> Mail >> Rules >> Select the rule you want to delete >> Click on Delete.

3). is your Inbox Full: If your Outlook is full then it will not receive any email. You will need to delete some of the emails from Outlook to make some storage space in it. Once the space is available Outlook will start receiving the emails again. Outlook also has a feature (SWEEP) to delete the old emails automatically. You can also use that one to automatically delete the emails.

4). Check blocked User List: If you have mistakenly added the user to the blocked list then you will not receive any email from that particular user. You will need to unblock the user so that you can receive emails from them.

5). check your Internet Connectivity: If you are facing issues with your Internet connection then you will not be able to receive the emails in your Outlook for Windows or Outlook for Mac. So check your internet connectivity and then try sending the email again.

6). Outlook Profile is corrupted: If you are using Outlook for Windows and your outlook profile is corrupted you might face the issue “Outlook not receiving mails but sending”. Try creating the new Outlook profile and then add email account to that profile. Follow the steps mentioned below to do the same.

  • File >> Account Settings >> From drop-down select Manage Profile >> Show Profile >> Add >> Enter Profile Name >> OK
  • After that follow the steps that outlook is showing to add email account to the newly created profile.
  • Restart the Outlook and check if the issue is resolved or not.

7). PST File Size Limit Reached: In Outlook if you have reached the maximum data limit that Outlook PST file can store then you might see this issue. In that case it is recommended to split the PST files. To know more about PST file and Size limits please go through the blog: https://www.tipsoverflow.com/what-is-difference-between-outlook-ost-and-pst-file-format/

8). Emails are received in Other Category instead of Focused: Windows Outlook stores the received emails in two different categories: Focused and Other. In Focused category important emails are stored. All promotional, social and other emails are stored in the OTHER category. If want to receive all emails in the Focused folder only then you will need to disable the smart sorting feature. To disable it follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Outlook for web and login using email ID and Password.
  • Open Settings by clicking on Gear icon.
  • Now disable the Focused Inbox by clicking on the toggled button.

9). IMAP and POP Authentication Issue: IMAP and POP protocols are used to receive emails in Email Client from the Email Server. If these protocols are not configured properly then we would not be able to Receive any emails If your IMAP and POP settings are good then you can try by turning on SMTP authentication. Follow the steps mentioned below to turn on the authentication.

  • Tools >> Accounts >> Select Account (In the left side of Wizard) >> From Outgoing Server select More options >> Select authentication type from POP-UP and enter the credentials >> This will turn on your SMTP settings and will resolve the issue Outlook not receiving mails but can send.

10). Disable Outlook Plug-ins: Sometimes additional plugins installed in the Outlook application might create the issue. We can disable plugins and check if we are able to receive emails. To disable the plugins, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • File >> Options >> Plugin >> Click on Go to button for manage >> now choose the plugins you want to disable >> click on remove button >> Ok >> Exit


In this article we have explained the best possible fixes to resolve the issue Outlook is not receiving emails but can send. Hope you were able to resolve this problem. Please comment below if you need any other information regarding the same. We would be happy to help you.

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