What is the difference between Brad Nailer and Finish Nailer?

Brad Nailer and the Finish Nailer are both similar, but they both work differently. Brad Nailer shoots 18 gauge nails. Whereas a Finish Nailer shoots 15 to 16 gauge nails. A holding size of a brad nailer is exactly 0.0475 inches, while the holding size of a finish nailer is almost around 0.0730 inches. A brand nailer is thin in size, which they used to make thinner woodcuts. Brain Nailer is not indistinguishable in comparison to a finish nailer. It does not use any kind of nails. Most of the brad nailers come in the very thin 18-gauge wire.

Comparing brad to nailer to finish nailer comes predominantly differentiated in size. At the same time, a finish nailer is used in different ways and applications too. It is exceptionally multifaceted. It does not work as well as brad nailer when it comes to cuts of thin pieces of wood. However, the best part of this finish nailer is that it gives strong holding accommodation.

Parameters of comparison Brad Nailer/Finish Nailer


Nail type

A brad nailer comes with brads of thin 18- gauge nails.

A finish nailer comes with 16-gauge nails and 15-gauge nails.
Holding capability and power A brad nailer comes with a shorter holding power and ability. Finish nailer has high holding power and long lasting strength.
Ambidexterity Brad nailer are not that much versatile as tiny. Finish nailers are very good and work for every kind of fixed thing.
Power Brad Nailers are less powerful. Finish nailers conspicuously used to make thicker trim.
Hole Size The hole size is the brad nailer are generally 0.0475 inches.  The hole size of this nailer is 0.0720 inches.
Uses Brad nails are incompetent of holding big boards, heavy weight of wood and moldings. Finished nailers were good for  fixing a large plywood, baseboard and MDF.

What is Brad Nailer?

A brad nailer machine is light in weight, and it is specially used for nailing brad nails. A brad nail is thin and has smaller heads than the finished nails. Brad nailers are used for simple tasks and do not hold much capacity and power. The best part of a brand nailer is that it can easily be determined and used single-handedly. There are some drawbacks if nailers are not so strong to keep any thick or heavy materials. It is basically for getting slimmer trims without empowering them to crack. Brad nailers contain brads of length ranging from ⅝ TO2.

Main comeuppance Finish nailers

A finish nailer works a bit differently than a brad nailer. It cannot function without a number of determination and is not multifaceted. A finish nailer is not ideal and is made for hard nailing to go into the interior of the material.

What is a Finish Nailer?

Finish nails are very popular for work, and it is also known as the big sister of a brad nailer. Finish nailer possesses good capacity and ranges somewhere between the power of a brad nailer and a massive-duty nail gun. It consists of nails of distance disposition from 1 inch to two and a half inches. The 15 and 16 gauge nails are comparably larger and have a bigger holding capacity. Finish nailers are those machines that work for everything and give several applications. The 15-gauge and 16-gauge nails that are converted can attain quandary. It is highly used for manufacturing furniture, fixing baseboards, plywoods, and woodworking.


A brand nailer works limited, but a finish nailer can work in large applications and uses. For the brand of a nailer, one must acquire a different component that determines customer buying decisions. The finish nailer has great holding competence, while a brad nailer has a comparably little holding capacity. One must go for the best brand for dramatic results.

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