What is TGC File Extension: How to Open TGC File Type?

Do you have TGC file extension and don’t know how to open it? No worries, we will describe what is TGC file extension and what programs can open this File type.

TGC (Terragen Node Clip) is a clip file generated by Terragen program which is used to create animations and landscapes.  These .tgc clip files contains part of scenes or some other nodes which we can insert into the project for creating animation. These clips are generally saved separately from the whole scene and are inserted into the project as per the requirement.

How to Create TGC File Format

We can easily create the TGC file format, follow the steps mentioned below to create the TGC file:

  • Right click on the part of scene like water, object, atmosphere etc.
  • Now click on Save Nodes as Clip File >> Enter the name >> Select location and then click on Save button.
  • That’s all, it will create the TGC file of that part of the scene.

What are the list of program that can open TGC file Extension?

You can open TGC file format in TERRAGEN software developed by Planetside Software. Just download and install the software into your machine and then you can easily open this file extension. The application is available for both Windows as well as MAC Operating System.

How to Open TGC File format

  • If you have required software installed in your machine then you will just need to double click on the TGC file to open it.
  • Install the TERRAGEN software in your computer.
  • If TERRAGEN is selected as the default application for TGC file extension that you can open it by just double clicking on TGC file.
  • If this is not the case, then right click on TGC file >> Open With >> Choose another app >> More Apps >> Now find TERRAGEN software from the list and click on OK button to open the TGC file extension.


Here in this article we have described about TGC file extension and how to Open TGC file in Windows and MAC operating System. Hope the above information about TGC file is helpful to you. Feel free to comment if you need any other related information.

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