What is an MP3 Extension: How to Open MP3 File?

MP3 files are compressed files used to store audio files like music, podcasts, etc. These files were formed by the ‘Moving Picture Experts Group,’ also known as MPEG. They use ‘Layer-3’ compression of audio, so the name came as MP3.

This file format was formed in the early 1990s, but the launch was done in 1993 by MPEG. The reason this became a hit very soon was because of the compression. A few decades ago, storing something in the computer was complicated; the file sizes were heavy. The hard drives available were the opposite of what we have today. In today’s time, the drive’s body is small, and the storage capacity is big, but earlier, the body was huge, and it didn’t give justice to the capacity according to its size. 

This format could compress the file to roughly around 1/10th of the original size, saving a lot of storage. It might not sound very big right now, but it was very appealing in the earlier days when storage capacity was a huge deal. 

Many people were using the CD stereo set. The CD stereo set provides high-quality music. The only drawback of it was the storage capacity. For example, if you are recording a minute of audio in a CD stereo, it will take around 10 MB of the disc space. This is when MP3 files come as an advantage because it will take only 1 MB of a minute of data. 

Keep in mind that this format doesn’t give you the sound as it was in the original format. To normal listeners, i.e., the people who want to hear that audio file and don’t care about its quality, they won’t notice the difference in it. If you see carefully when you play the audio file, you might get the difference. 

The quality of the mp3 file’s sound depends on the size of the bit used for compression. The standard bit rates are 64 kbps, 128 kbps, 256 kbps, etc. It has a direct correlation with the quality, i.e., the Higher the bit rates of the file, the higher the quality of sound you get, and also, with a larger size, it takes more space in your storage. 

Users who needed to listen to an audio track would have to perform a couple of tasks and would finally be able to hear it. They would either have to download additional software or burn the audio they want to listen to into a CD that could play in a CD player. 

This technology change has provided a lot of benefits to users. They can now hear or download the file very swiftly and efficiently. This also led people to transfer these files into their devices like Microsoft Zune devices or the very famous Apple iPods. This further developed in creating online music stores like Rhapsody and Apple iTunes. 

How to Open an MP3 File?

Before playing a file, you must have an audio player installed on your device. There are many audio programs available by which you can open a file. Some of them are:                

  • Microsoft Windows Media Player
  • Microsoft Groove Music
  • Apple Music
  • VideoLan VLC Media Player
  • Nullsoft Winamp
  • Olimsoft OPlayer

If you have the above-stated programs or any other program, you can open and hear your file. For opening your file, you just need to launch your file by double-clicking it, and the file will run on its own by the player. Sometimes, some players will not support the file, so you will have to run it on another player. If you do not have one, you can download it. After downloading it, the file will be played in the default player. To select another player, right-click on the file and go to ‘open with,’ and you can find different players there. Select the other player and run on it. 

One last thing to keep in mind is the renaming part. Do not rename the extension of MP3 files or any other files; this will not change the file type. There are different conversion software for the alteration.

Wrap up:

Nowadays, every child and youngster does have their device or android phone. Sometimes everyone needs to play something, whether it’s your clip sent by your friend or anyone. What is the most important thing you need to play it? MP3 extension in your phone, of course. So above, we have discussed what is mp3 and how you can easily open it by following the simple steps stated above. Still, if you have any questions regarding that, please don’t hesitate to reach us.

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