Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Connection Issues

One of my friend was facing connection issues with Microsoft Teams. He called me regarding the same and we both worked on the resolution of this problem. I would like to share the workaround here as it may help someone also who is also in the same boat.

Microsoft Teams is one of the widely used Teleconferencing/meeting software.  It is very sensitive to inconsistent network conditions.

Test 1: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Connection Issues with Trace Route

Open Command Prompt and Execute the Trace Route Command


Check the no of hops the client is experiencing before hitting the first entry point to Microsoft.

Test 2: Using Microsoft Edge for Troubleshooting Connection Issues

  • We can use Microsoft edge to troubleshoot Microsoft 365 connectivity issues. To perform tests open the website in Microsoft Edge web browser

  • Click on Locate Me or enter your city and country information.
  • After that click on RUN Test.

Test 3: Update Microsoft Team

Sometimes Connectivity issues in Microsoft Team happens due to the older version. So we would recommend you to update to the latest version of Microsoft Teams. Follow the steps mentioned below to update the Teams:

Open Microsoft Teams à Profile Icon à Check for Updates

Test 4: Check whether Windows Firewall Blocking Microsoft Teams or Not

Sometimes antivirus or Windows Firewall settings does not allows Microsoft Teams to communicate with the remote servers.

1). Open Control Panel à System and Security à Windows Defender Firewall

2). Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall à Change Setting

3). Find teams.exe, if it is not there then find Skype Business à You will need to enable the app for both public and Private network à Click on OK button.

4). Restart your computer and then try again.


In this article we have explained different ways to troubleshoot Microsoft teams connectivity issue. Hope the above mentioned steps helped you in resolving the issue. If you have any suggestion or feedback please let us know in comments, We would be happy to assist you.

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