Top 5 Free Methods to Convert OST to PST

If you have ever worked in Microsoft Outlook then you must have experienced the need of converting OST to PST. There are lots of paid tool available that can easily do this task but in this article we will see the Top 5 Free methods that can be used to migrate Outlook OST data to PST file format. I have did lots of research in writing this article so that you can come up with the best every possible solutions of OST to PST Conversion. Please share the article if any of the tip mentioned below helped you in doing the migration.

The conversion method depends on whether the OST file is currently connected to Outlook profile or Not. If it is connected to Outlook then you can easily export the data to PST format. The main problem arises when you have Offline OST file i.e. it is not connected to any outlook profile. So firstly we will the solution when OST file is not connected to any Outlook profile.

Tip 1: Use Online OST to PST Converter

Use the freely available online tools to convert your OST files to PST format. You will just need to upload the file on their website and within few mins you can download the converted PST file. One such tool is developed by ASPOSE. Visit the URL:, upload your OST file and wait for a few mins until it completes the conversion of OST to PST. Once it is done, you can easily download the converted PST file.

As the OST file contains very sensitive information so sometime users does not feel safe to upload the OST file on some online conversion applications. If you are one of them don’t worry check out another tips mentioned below.

Tip 2: Free OST to PST Converter by a2zMigration

Recently while searching on Internet I found that a company is providing free Tool to perform OST to PST migration. You will need to visit their website to download the Free OST to PST Converter Tool. Once downloaded, you will need to mail them at [email protected]. After sending the mail, wait for at least 5 hours. They will reply you with the license key to activate Freeware OST to PST Converter. I have personally tested this tool and yes it works. You can quickly migrate multiple OST files to PST file format. So hurry up download the free application and do the conversion.

Tip 3: Use Import/Export Wizard of Outlook to Migrate OST to PST

  • Open Outlook application –> File Menu –> Open and Export –> Import and Export.
  • A new window Choose an action to perform will pop up.
  • Select Export File –> Next –> Outlook Data File (.pst) –> Next.
  • Now select the destination file location where you want to store the converted PST file.

Tip 4:  Using Online Archiving Method to Convert OST to PST

  • Open Outlook –> File Menu –> Options –> Advance –> Auto Archive Settings
  • Now select the no. of days you to which you want to run the archiving process
  • Choose the destination file location where you want to store the converted PST file.

Tips 5: Recreate the Outlook Profile

If you have Offline OST file then Tip 3 and Tip 4 will not work for you. In that case I would recommend you to recreate your Outlook profile by configuring the Outlook with the Exchange Server. In that case you will get the newly generated OST file that will be active with the current profile. You can now use Tip 3 and Tip 4 mentioned above to backup OST to PST format.


In this article I have explained Top 5 methods to freely convert OST to PST. Hope the information mentioned above is helpful to you. If you have doubt or if you need any other information regarding the same then please commend below. We would be happy to help you.

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  1. As we can see there are many automated as well as manual solutions available to convert OST to PST, but now the question is which is the most effective way. It is always suggested to use the well known and advanced OST to PST converter prevent any data loss.

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