Outlook does not start: Crashes, Freezes or is not responding

Are you facing startup issues with Outlook? Does it crashes or shows not responding? If yes then you are at right place. Today we will see how we can fix these common outlook errors, so let’s get started:

Fix 1: Open Outlook in Safe Mode

If recently Microsoft Outlook was working fine and you have made no changes to your configured account then I would recommend you to test the outlook by running it in the safe mode. When we start outlook in safe made then it will not load certain or all add-ins, reading pane is also turned off and also it will not load several settings. This might solve your issue of Outlook is not responding or Outlook does not start.

How to Start Outlook in Safe Mode

  • Hold CTRL: Hold the Control Button (CTRL) of your keyboard and then click on Outlook icon on your Taskbar, Desktop or start screen. When you do this, outlook will ask if you want to start outlook in the safe mode. You can use this easy method to start Outlook in safe mode in any of the Windows Operating system and in all versions of Outlook.

If Starting the Outlook resolves your problem of Outlook is not responding then most probability the problem is caused by the outlook add-ins or by outlook setting. If Outlook still does not start then follow other methods given below. If starting outlook in safe mode also does not work for you then I would recommend you to scan your Outlook data files, there might be corruption in the PST or OST file.

If Outlook works as expected in the Safe Mode then you will need to disable the add-in that is causing the problem with Outlook. Run Outlook in safe Mode à File Menu à Options à Add-ins à Check if add-ins are listed there –> Uncheck those add-ins –> Save the settings –> Restart the Outlook. Hope this time it will definitely work for you.

Fix 2: Update your Outlook to the latest version

Check if you are using the updated version of the outlook. Sometimes the bug that is causing you the problem is fixed in the recent updates. You update if you are not using latest version of the outlook. Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 are now not supported by Windows 10 operating system and might cause compatibility issues.

Fix 3: Try Recreating your Email Profile

If running outlook in safe mode and updating outlook to latest version does not fix your problem then try this fix.

If your mail profile is corrupted or damaged then also Outlook will not start or Outlook will not respond. You try recreating your profile. You can recreate your profile from the Mail Profile option in Control Panel.

Fix 4: Repair Outlook to resolve Outlook does not start

We can use the inbuilt Microsoft Office Repair Utility to resolve the Outlook Crashes, Freezes, does not start or not responding issue. Follow the steps mentioned below to do the same.

  • Close all the Microsoft applications.
  • Open Control Panel –> Choose Category View –> Programs –> Uninstall a Program –> Right Click on Microsoft Office –> Choose Change –> Online Repair or Repair –> Choose Yes
  • Restart the Outlook application once the repair process is completed

Fix 5: Repair Outlook Data Files

If Outlook does not even run in the safe mode then I would recommend you to repair the outlook data files. For that purpose follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Close Outlook application
  • Download and Install Inbox Repaid Tool developed by Microsoft
  • Browse the PST file and click on Start button.
  • Click on Repair if the tool finds some corruption errors in the data file.
  • Once the repair process is done, restart the outlook application.

Fix 6: Resetting the Navigation Pane:

Sometimes issue with the navigation pane can also cause problems to Outlook and that creates problems like Outlook does not start, Outlook crashes, Outlook Freezes or is not responding. To reset the navigation pane, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Close Outlook application
  • Open Run (Windows Key + R) –> Type outlook.exe /resetnavpane –> Click OK
  • This will rest the navigation pane. Now check if outlook is working properly.


In this article we have discussed the problem Outlook is not responding, Outlook does not start, Outlook Crashes or Freezes. Hope the fixes mentioned above helped you in resolving the issue. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the information given above then please let us know in comments, we would be happy to assist you.

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