Origin Error Code 9.0 – Easy Steps to Fix Origin Error 9.0

A friend of mine recently tried to update Origin to the latest version and received error code 9.0. As soon as he informed us about the error, we began investigating the root cause of this error with the best solutions to fix this Origin error code 9:0. Due to this error users were not able to update and use the latest version of the application.

Origin Error Code 9.0 – Why users are getting this error?

Your system is experiencing problems because of a corrupted or missing .net framework. You should download or update Microsoft .Net Framework. To do so, go to Microsoft’s official website.

Sometimes Antivirus might also cause problem in updating the application and given Origin Error Code 9.0. You can try again updating the latest version of Origin by temporarily disabling the Antivirus

How to get rid of Error Code 9:0 in Origin

This seems to be quite frustrating experience, don’t worry just follow the simple solutions mentioned below to get rid of this Origin Error Code 9.0. Don’t forget to tell us in comments that which solution worked for you.

Method 1: Update or Install .Net Framework

NET Framework must be there in your computer system in order to play many modern games and to run different programs. It is even installed automatically or prompted to be installed by most games. Just follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of this error.

Step 1: Open the link https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet-framework in your web browser.

Step 2: Download and Install .Net Framework application in your computer.

Step 3: After completion of Installation open Control panel >> Programs and Features >> Turn Windows Features on or off >> Check latest version if enabled or not. If it is not enabled then enabled it by ticking on the checkbox >> Restart your Computer. Now check if the Origin error code 9:0 is resolved or not while updating the Origin.

Method 2: Disable Your Installed Antivirus

Sometimes, getting sufficient permissions on your computer might be a problem for Origin’s installer. It needs these permissions to perform certain tasks required during installation. It might be possible that your antivirus is creating the problem, so temporarily disable it and then try updating the Origin. Hope you will not get error 9:0 this time.

Method 3: Reinstall Origin Application

If it is still showing the error then it is better to reinstall the origin application. Reinstalling Origin will not remove any of the game that you have installed. So try reinstalling it and hopefully this will resolve origin error code 9.0.


In this article we have explained the root cause of Origin Error Code 9.0 and possible ways of fixing it. Hope you were able to get rid of this error message.

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