ISTG Meaning in Chat: What does ISTG Mean

Have someone said ISTG to you in CHAT? Do you want to know the meaning of ISTG? If yes then you are at right place. Here we will discuss what is the full form of ISTG is and why it is used in Facebook and Instagram chats.

ISTG stands for I Swear to God. Instead of saying this long word, peoples have stated using this short work to say the same thing. So if someone in future says ISTG, you should know that it means I Swear to GOD.

When one should not use the word ISTG

If you are in some meeting or doing some professional talks then you should not use this WORD. As they might don’t know its meaning and also it does not looks professional. So instead of Using ISTG, say it properly.

Also you should avoid using ISTG when talking to the spiritual or religious person. You can use this word while doing chat with your close friends on Instagram or Facebook.


In this short post, we discussed the meaning of ISTG. Hope you like the information, please share your experiences with this word in comments. Also share what you felt when you first listened the word ISTG without knowing its meaning.

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