HTML5 Video File Not Found? [Fixed]

Are you getting this error in your bowser while playing Video on YouTube or in some other website? Yes? So here we will discuss the best possible solutions to fix this error “html5 video not found”. The error normally occurs where you are using an outdated web browser. Several users personally messaged us regarding this error so we decided to create an article for the same. Just follow the steps mentioned in this article and you will be able to resolve this error.

Fix 1: Update Browser to resolve “html5: video not found” Error

This might be possible that your browser does not support HTML5 Video. All the latest browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer and Firefox etc. supports this HTML5 format but still users are getting this error while playing HTML5 video in it. This is because you are not using latest version of the browser. Just update your browser and you will be able to view HTML5 Video.

How to Update Google Chrome: Click on Three dots >> Help >> About Google Chrome. There you will the option to update google chrome.

Fix 2: Ask Website Developer to Install Codec files

If you are trying to play vide on a website and getting this error “html5 video file not found” then it might be possible that the website does not have required codec file. You will need to connect the developer of the website to fix this issue.

Fix 3: Clear Cookies and Cache to resolve “html5: video not found” Error

Sometimes the error might occur due to the saved cookies and Cache files. So you can try clearing the saved cache and cookies information.

Step 1: Open Settings by clicking on three dots of the browser

Step 2: From Privacy and Security section choose Clear Browsing data

Step 3: Now click on Clear data to remove the saved cookies from your system.

Fix 4: Turn Off hardware Acceleration

For some users disabling the option of Hardware Acceleration worked in resolving the error “html5 video not found”. You can also give it a try and check whether it helped you in resolving the issue or not. Follow the steps mentioned below to turn off hardware acceleration in your Google Chrome browser

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Settings by clicking on three dots and then choosing the option Settings.

Step 2: Now click on Advance >> then disable Hardware Acceleration.

Step 3: Restart your Browser and check if the error “html5 video file not found” is fixed or not.


Here in this article we have listed possible solutions to fix the error message “html5: video file not found”. Kindly let us know in comments if you were able to resolve this issue. Also let us know which method helped you in resolving the issue. Thanks for reading our article, Have a good day!

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