How to Turn off Autocorrect in Android Mobiles

Is the autocorrect feature of Android 11 putting you in trouble? If yes, stay tuned here; we will discuss easy steps to disable this feature. The autocorrect feature might be quite helpful to some people. However, it may cause trouble to others as Autocorrect might change the words that it should not change.

If you are using any other keyboard and not Gboard, you will need to check the keyboard’s settings to disable this feature if it is available. In Gboard, it is quite easy to disable and enable autocorrect. If you use a third-party keyboard app, you’ll have to check the app’s settings to see if this option is available.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect in Android

To disable this auto-correct feature, you will need to open the Keyboard Settings. For that, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your Android Phones Setting >> Choose Languages & Input.
  • Now click on the Virtual Keyboard option from the Keyboard and Input Methods.
  • From there, choose Android Keyboard.

  • Now from the Text Correction, Turn off the Auto-Correction option.

How to Turn off Autocorrect in Samsung Galaxy Phone

If you are not using an Android keyboard, then the steps required to disable AutoCorrect might not be the same as given above. For example, in Samsung Galaxy Phone, the steps that you will need to disable Autocorrect are:

  • Open Settings of your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone >> General Management >> Samsung Keyboard Settings >> Smart Typing >> Turn Off the predictive text.

How to Turn off Autocorrect in older Samsung smartphones

  • Open Settings >> System >> Language and input >> Default >> Auto Replace >> Turn Off Auto Correct


In this article, I have explained the easy way of disabling the AutoCorrect in Android 11 and Galaxy smartphones. You can use the same steps to turn off autocorrect in any android phone like One Pus, Vivo, Google Phone and Oppo etc. Hope the information provided above is helpful to you.

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