How to solve Open GL Error 1281 in Minecraft?

Thinking of enjoying the Minecraft game but facing error? It’s time to study and learn some principles to solve major errors. How will you identify the issue, let’s discuss further.

Do you know what OpenGL is? Those who are playing Minecraft games from a prolonged time, must have faced this error in their device. If you are new to this MineCraft game, then it is very important to clarify all the doubts initially or have proper knowledge about the issues that you can face. Let us tell you first about the most important concept like MineCraft OpenGL. Generally this OpenGL is a setting in the MineCraft game. So how can this setting be helpful to you?

Everyone must be thinking, with the help of OpenGL the game becomes smoother and works faster. It even helps your devices to reduce the load by instructing the GPU to not render if it is directly not in the connection of the media player.

Who are new users on MineCraft video game, they can sometime see the pop up of ‘OpenGL’ Error 1281, and most of them are clueless. Do you know why this happens to them? Because they have no idea what to do if such an error occurs and apart from this what other problems they can face in this game. Installing these games seems easy but half knowledge is always dangerous. If you are a MineCraft video game addict then you should take extra time to learn all the technical things which are needed for such errors and failure problems.

If you are also looking out for the solution of ‘OpenGL’ Error 1281, then you are at the right place. Because this article is to solve all your doubts and we will also discuss the reason for this error in MineCraft.

First let’s discuss the various factors that causes ‘OpenGL Error 1281’

If you observe openGL error 1281 (invalid value), no need to worry because you can easily fix this issue on your own. No expertise help is needed, be your own expert.

Graphic Shaders:

What is a graphic shader? When you open the Mine craft game on your system, you can easily check out the change in color. If in a graphic setting shaders is modded minecraft and anything goes wrong or the file is corrupted then this error can be seen. These mods usually change the original feel of the game.


Most of the users mod MineCraft for a better gaming experience. But it is important to check which mod supports your system or game, because mods are not always compatible. Enabling mods can lead you to the OpenGL Error 1281.

No Update:

If you are playing this video game for a long time, then make sure that you update the Minecraft Launcher on proper interval. Due to delay or failure to update the latest version can also be the reason for such errors on MineCraft. Try to check the updated version on the website and install the latest version.

No update of OptiFine:

You can not enjoy the game, if you haven’t updated the optifine. This is a third party application who tries to smoothen and increase the performance of MineCraft by allowing more control to the user. Delay in update of OptiFine can bring you in trouble. Moreover, if Optifine is not working on your device then errors like OpenGL can be faced by you.

Error In JAVA:

You all know how important java is for MineCraft, when you are about to install this game. People will advise you to install all the java extensions, because if anything is left out then errors can be seen. Without java files MineCraft can not open, it works smoothly due to the use of java.

Old Graphic Driver:

Outdated graphic driver is the major issue for open GL error. Your device manager always tries to find out the relevant driver where the game can work more effectively. But due to the negligence and outdated graphic driver card, the pop up of Open GL Error 1281 is normal.

Before you move for the solution, We hope now you are aware of the reasons for open GL error. Let us give you the list of infusions below for fixing the MineCraft OpenGL error 1281.

Solution 1. Disable Mods For Temporary Basis to Fix Open GL Error 1281

No doubt mods help to get you a better gaming experience, but if you are facing OpenGL error, then it is important to disable the mods immediately. Sometimes mods create discord in MineCraft. After disabling the mods even if you do not find a better fine tune for solving errors, just try to disable the mod one by one to check which mod is actually creating the issue.

Still, your screen pops up with the same error? Then mods are not the genuine reasons for openGL error 1281, later remember to enable the mods again.

Solution 2. Update the Graphic Card Driver

If you have an old graphic card driver, an error like OpenGL is expected. Outdated graphic card drivers need to be updated as soon as possible. But how? No need to worry. Basically drivers can be updated with two different ways manually or automatically.

Manually: In manual process you need to visit the website of your video card manufacturer, find out the most latest version of the graphic card driver which is compatible with your device. Once the current version is found, download it into the device with an open internet connection. It may consume time but will eradicate issues like OpenGL error 1281.

Automatic: In automatic, you just need to update the driver easy. You can opt for this step if you really can’t wait to rejoin the MineCraft because it is one of the simplest ways to update the graphic card driver. After installation, restart your computer to see the result.

Solution 3. Get Latest Version Of Optifine

Optifine is used to enhance the FBS and improve the gaming experience, but what if you fail to update it? To solve all the issues related to OpenGL error, updating OptiFine should be your first preference. Listing the method to update your optifine today.

  • Snap on this page to open the OptiFine download center.
  • Pick out the newest version of OptiFine to download.
  • Follow all the instructions that are shown on your screen.
  • Restart the device once the pop up is closed.

Before trying anything else, you can verify that the error is solved or not. Launch your Minecraft on the browser, mostly you can see the result.

Solution 4. Turn Off The Show GL Error

  • Do you know how to disable the show’s GL Error? No? No need to panic, there is an option in your game only. Start the process by clicking on options in the Minecraft game. Below, the process is explained that helps you to solve the GL error.:
  • In Minecraft, click Options.
  • Snap Video Settings > Others
  • Click Show GL Errors and turn OFF.

Solution 5. Upgrade The Java On Your Device to resolve Open GL Error 1281

One last but not the least, the best solution for GL error. Minecraft games will not work if you do not upgrade the java as per the need of the game.

For quick results you can uninstall Minecraft and reinstall it, automatically the latest version of java will be upgraded. If you want to go for a manual process, just click on This Page and follow the instructions on the screen to get the latest version of java and restart the computer and launch Minecraft.


You should always have knowledge about the major causes and solutions for openGL error. We hope your error for OpenGL 1281 got solved by the process we guided and discussed briefly above. For better result computer skills are needed just take out some time and solve the issue as per the guidance on this article.

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