How to share Outlook calendar with others ?

Hello everyone, in this post we are going to discuss different ways of sharing the Outlook calendars with others.  You can use the steps mentioned below to share Outlook Calendar with your colleagues who are working in your organization or who are not employee of your organization. Sometime IT Admins might configure your account in such a way that you might not be able to share the outlook calendars with peoples who are not part of your organization. In that case you will need to contact your IT admin to give permissions for the same.

Share Outlook Calendars inside your organization [For or Microsoft 365 Users and New Versions of Outlook]

Step 1: Click on Share Calendars from the Calendars folder.

Step 2: Now from the drop-down menu, select the Calendars you need to share with the colleagues of your organization.

Step 3: In the next window of Calendars Properties >> Choose email address or name of the person to whom you want to share the calendars >> Now from the permissions choose what you want to share >> Click on OK Button.

Step 4: The recipient will receive the invitation mail >> they can see the details after accepting the invitations.

Are you Getting Calendar Can’t be Shared Error?

  • Verify the email client you have entered is valid or not.
  • Verify whether the email address belongs to the organization or not. If you are trying to share Outlook calendar to the person who is not part or your organization, you might get this error. In that case you will need to contact your IT admin to resolve this issue.
  • The email address you have entered is part of Microsoft Office 365 Group.

How to Share Outlook Calendars in email?

Step 1: Click on Calendars

Step 2: After that click on Home and then E-mail Calendar

Step 3: Now choose the calendars and date range

Step 4: Set any other option if required and then click on OK.

Step 5: A new mail will open >> Enter the recipient email ID with whom you want to share the calendars >> Click on Send button.


In this article, we have discussed different methods of sharing the outlook calendar. Hope the information given in this blog is helpful to you. Let us know if you need any other related information regarding this article.

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