How to Enable Auto HDR in Windows 11

Do you need to Enable HRD in your enabled? If yes then you are at right place, here we will learn How to easily enable auto HDR in Windows 11 operating System. HDR option allows you to play games with brighter colors and makes the gaming experience more realistic. You must have a supported HDR display to play games with this option. Once you enable the HDR, you will immediately notice better colors and better brightness.

As compared to SDR, HDR is capable of displaying wide range of colors and shows detailed difference between blacks and whites.

Is your Display supports HDR option

Follow the steps mentioned below to check if your Windows 11 Computer system supports HDR or not:

  • Open Settings >> System >> Display >> Advanced Display >> Color Space and check if Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) is there then it means it does not support HDR. You can also open display settings by right clicking on the Desktop and choosing Display Settings from there.

How to Enable Auto HDR in Windows 11 using Display Setting Option

If it supports HDR then you can enable auto HDR in Windows 11 using the steps mentioned below:

  • Settings >> System >> From Brightness & Color option click on HDR
  • Turn on the HDR from here by flipping it. After doing the changes, you can easily close the settings.

How to Enable Auto HDR in Windows 11 using XBOX Game Bar

  • Press Windows + G (In will open XBOX Game Bar) >> Now Click on the Gear Icon appearing in the right side of the Game Bar >> Gaming Features >> Now check the option Use Auto HDR with supported games to enable Auto Auto HDR in Windows 11 using the Game Bar.


In this article, we have explained easiest method to enable the Auto HDR in Windows 11 Operating System. Hope the information given above is helpful to you. If you need any other help, please don’t hesitate to comment. We would be happy to help you.

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