Failed to Download File, The File Contents Differ from What was Expected

Minecraft is a worldwide famous sandbox game. Nowadays new generation is taking more interest because they can use their creativity and create whatever they want to. How many of you is game addicted? Now a significant number of teenagers also have devices or laptops with them. We all know children or youngsters play games for refreshment and there is nothing terrible in it. 

But most of them get stuck with problems like download errors or failing to download the File. 

However, because of the misplacement of the correct extension, we download what is not expected. Few of them somehow manage to solve the issue with .jar, but those who look for the solution, you came to the right place. Here, we will discuss why these types of problems take place while downloading your favorite game. 

Let’s see why you are not able to download the game? Or it shows “Failed to download file, the file contents differ, MineCraft.”

Network Issue

People who want to play the Minecraft game with friends obviously try to download it as soon as possible, but what if they don’t have a proper internet connection due to location or network issues? When you try to download it with less KBPS or MBPSspeed, it can result in download errors or download failures. 

No appropriate file on the Website

Children’s don’t have proper knowledge about what websites are better to download the Minecraft game. They click on the download option without verifying the authentication of a particular website. Most people used to search on google and click on the very first link provided on the search page. But the method followed by them is wrong.

They should always ask for the referral website for the downloading process. Ask your friends or siblings for proper guidance because even a single error in a file can lead you towards adverse effects on your device.

Files are corrupted

When you download the game with lots of excitement, or when you try to open it, it will simply show you the files are corrupted. Why does it show you like this? Did you ever try to find out the main reason? Of Course, we never try to do so? Make sure when you are about to download your favorite game, it doesn’t show you a corrupted one. This happens because of the virus they hold, and it may damage your laptop or device file as well. Due to this also you might get the error “failed to download file, the file contents differ from what was expected.”

Cheap Files

Have you seen the variation of file size on different web pages? Most of the time, you fail to notice, but how does it lead you to error downloading? Let’s see, Website A will show you “Download storage with 500 MB,” and website B will show “Download storage with 1GB”. What will you choose? With no doubt, people like you or me will go for Website A download with 500 MB because we are unaware of the cheap files that can be corrupted after downloading.

Start Pause

While downloading the game, you can probably make silly mistakes. What mistakes are we talking about? Avoid interrupting the downloading process by pausing and resuming the game’s download when you download the game. 

Apart from the above issues, there could be other reasons that can be the hurdle for download error. Now let’s discuss how you can fix this issue immediately and enjoy your game.

Things to learn when you are about to download MineCraft

Who Does Not Know About The Famous Video Game MineCraft? There are over a 120million users in this video game. Whether you are new to this video game world or already enjoying this era. People like you and me get frustrated when an interruption occurs while downloading it. Even when you see some pop up on the screen, your heart beats fast.

How do I solve “failed to download file, the file contents differ from what was expected in MineCraft”?

Solution 1. Update:

Before asking yourself if several issues could occur, it’s better to update the MineCraft launcher.

How to do it?

Next to the username of your Minecraft launcher, click on the options for the update. You will see ‘Force Update’ click on it quickly and find if the Minecraft launcher is successfully updated or not.

Solution 2. Open Vanilla Launcher

The issue can also start when the MineCraft is in the mode of vanilla launcher because, in such scenarios, your problem can be solved only with the help of Vanilla launcher. Let’s see how.

Start by closing down the non-vanilla launcher. Open the new MineCraft vanilla launcher hit play. Allow it to run until the create game screen is shown to you. After that, you can close the current launcher. Now open another launcher to verify the download issue is sorted.

Solution 3. Erect JAVA for .jar extension

If you do not have java and JDK as a default application in your device for such games to open .java or .jar extension, then problems can occur. Once you download the File, it will show you that the game is incompatible with this device. How to solve it, let’s see.

  • The pop-up you see on your screen for compatibility right click and copy it.
  • The next move is to copy the link on the URL also
  • Paste the copied link in the new browser and enter
  • Your system will start downloading, and you can click on the downloaded history and follow the error file path.
  • Solution 4. Replace The Corrupted Mod

If you have installed the mod in the device, there are very high chances that you can see the pop-up of “Failed to download file, the file contents differ” or incompatible with the system. How to rectify this issue, let’s see. Uninstalling such mods can be fruitful.

  • You need to close down the MineCraft Launcher and exit completely.
  • Now press Windows + R keys, and in the box that appears, type %appdata% > hit Enter
  • Ready to launch the.Minecraft directory afterward double-click the Mods folder
  • Copy the mods to the different location and delete the Mods folder completely
  • Start your MineCraft launcher to see the download without an error.

Even though you can uninstall the old Minecraft and redownload it, because of the update in the system or Minecraft launcher, the old one will not work. 

The minimum system requirement for MineCraft

Are you clear with the specification for a MineCraft? Some will say yes, and few don’t even have any idea. Please check if you have a compatible GPU as Minecraft is updated if you haven’t checked.

Minecraft will only support Java Edition, and then you need Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz CPU, 2 GB ram with at least 1 GB free space.

You should have Windows 7 or up, with Intel HD graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series. The vertex shader and the pixel shader must be 5.

For a better result, always be sure that you fulfill the essential requirement to enjoy the video game you have loved in the last many years.

Wrap Up:

So what have you learned from the above discussion? We worked hard to solve the issue if you are about to launch your Minecraft. We hope now you can find the solution if you see a pop-up like “File can’t be downloaded, and the File is different from what was expected”. If you are still facing problems related to the same topic, comment below and connect us to solve all tech-related queries.

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