Does reverse charging affect battery life?

Do you have a smartphone that supports reverse charging and you are afraid of its negative effects on the Battery Life? If yes then go through this article to clear all your doubts regarding this concern. Reverse Change is of Two Types, one is wired and other is wireless. In Wired Reverse charging you will need to connect both the devices using the USB cable.

The process of reverse charging is quite slow and also wastes a lot of electricity. For example if you reverse charge a device then to charge the device 1 percent you will need to invest 3 percent charge of other device on it. But sometimes the reverse charging process might be your need. You might stuck somewhere with no availability of charging slot.

While doing the reverse charging many users might think that Reverse Charging will Damage my battery heath. So let’s check if it is true or not

Is Reverse Charging Damages your Battery Life?

Reverse charging does not affect battery heath. This thing that affects the battery health is Heat. So while doing reverse charging if you play games or video in your device that your device will heat up and will affect the battery life.

So my recommendation is to not use your Phone while doing reverse charge so that your phone would not heat up and will not affect your battery.

What Damages the Battery Life?

  • Using your mobile phone while charging.
  • Using Hotspot of Device for a long time.
  • Overcharging your device i.e. charging the device even if it is already 100% Charge.
  • Using unofficial charger with your device.

What you should do to keep your Battery Life unaffected

  • Don’t Use your Phone while on Charge (Highly Recommended)
  • Don’t use hotspot from your device for a longer duration of time. If you have a heavy use of hotspot then purchase a new Hotpot router.
  • Don’t overcharge your Phone. Unplug it if the device is already charged.
  • Always try to use the charger that comes along with your device.


In this article we have discussed whether Reverse Charging Affects your device or not. Also we have given some tips to keep your battery life healthy. Hope the above information is helpful to you. If you have any suggestion or if you need any other information, please comment below, we would be happy to help you.

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