Convert EDB to PST: Free & Economical EDB to PST Converter

Exchange Server is one of most used mail server developed by Microsoft. Those who have worked with Exchange Server must be familiar with the EDB file extension. It works as the centralized database where it stores the data of all mailboxes. In many possible scenarios Exchange Server administrators might want to convert Exchange Server EDB file into PST file format. We would not discuss the scenarios here as this post will be dedicated to different Free and Economical methods to convert EDB file to PST file format. In my upcoming post I will discuss more about EDB file and its different types (Priv.edb and Pub.edb).

Method 1: MailsDaddy EDB to PST Converter

MailsDaddy EDB to PST Converter provides best and simplest method of converting EDB to PST file format. You can even convert Corrupted or Offline Exchange EDB database to PST file format. The application has some advance features like Mail Filter, Incremental Migration and Exchange database recovery etc.

How to use MailsDaddy EDB to PST Converter

Step 1: Download the application from this URL: and Install it in your machine.

Step 2: After that click on Add File button to browse the EDB file into the software

Step 2: After that click on Export Multiple option and then choose Outlook PST

Step 3: Now choose the folders that you want to convert from EDB to PST

Step 4: Select the destination path and click on Next button.

Step 5: Choose Mail Filter options as per your requirement and click on Next button

Step 6: Now tool will start converting EDB to PST file format. Once conversion is finished you can click on Finish button

Method 2: Using ExMerge: EDB to PST Converter by Microsoft

When converting EDB to PST ExMerge is the first choice that comes in the mind as it is the free tool developed by Microsoft. The only limitation in this tool is that it can only be used with the EDB file having size less than or equal to 2 GB.

What do you need to use ExMerge for EDB to PST Conversion

  • First of all, Download ExMerge Tool by using the link given here:
  • Install this tool in your computer and follow the steps mentioned below.
  • You should have enough permissions of the mailboxes that you want to extract to PST.
  • The tool supports only Exchange Server 2003 and earlier editions of Exchange Server.

How to Use ExMerge to Convert EDB to PST

  • Open the ExMerge application and click on the Next button to start the migration process
  • Now Choose Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure) and click on Next button.

  • Select Step 1 and click on Next button as shown in the image below.

  • Enter your exchange server credential information and then click on Next Button.
  • It will open Data Selection Criteria >> Click on the Tab Import Procedure >> Choose the option Archive data to target store >> Click on OK

  • Now choose the mailboxes that you want to migrate into the PST format and click on Next button.

  • Now select the destination path and click on Next

  • This will start the export process. Click on Finish button once export process is completed.

Method 3: PowerShell Cmdlets to Convert EDB to PST Manually

Before using the commands given below, create a new folder where converted PST file will be saved. Now Open the properties of the newly created folder by right clicking on it. After that choose the option Share Folder >> Now you will need to assign Read / Write permissions >> Then Click on Share button.

  • If you are using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 then use the command Export-Mailbox to migrate EDB to PST.
  • For Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 use the command ExportMailboxRequests to export EDB to PST
  • For Exchange Server 2013 use the command New-MailboxExportRequests to extract PST from EDB file without using any third party EDB to PST Converter application.

Steps to perform Conversion in Exchange Server 2007 using PowerShell

Step 1: Open PowerShell and then run the command:

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Powershell.E2007

Step 2: Now choose the command given below to convert your files without any EDB to PST Converter application.

Export-Mailbox -Identity [email protected] -PSTFolderPath \\Server\new-folder\tipsoverflow.pst

Steps to Perform Conversion in Exchange Server 2010 & 2013

Step 1: Run the command

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010 (For Exchange Server 2010)

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2013 (For Exchange Server 2013)

Step 2:

New-MailboxExportRequest –Mailbox ManishKumar –FilePath \\Server\new-folder\\tipsoverflow.pst

Steps to Perform EDB to PST Conversion in Exchange Server 2016 & 2019

Step 1: New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role “Mailbox Import Export” –User “<enter your Username>”

Step 2: New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role “Mailbox Import Export” -SecurityGroup “Organization Management” -Name “Import Export”

Step3: New-MailboxExportRequest -mailbox user1 -filepath “\\Server\new-folder\tipsoverflow..pst”

Method 4: Using Exchange Admin Center to Convert EDB to PST Manually

Follow the steps mentioned below to migrate EDB to PST using the Exchange Management Shell. For that first you will need to create a new shared folder as we have created above.

Step 1: Create a new shared folder (This folder will be used to save the Converted PST fie) and then assign the Full Access Permission to this folder.

Step 2: Open Exchange Admin Center and enter your login credentials.

Step 3: Now Click on Permissions Tab >> Recipient Management >> Add >> Mailbox Import Export Role >> Add >> OK.

Step 4: Add Mailbox and assign Import Export permissions to it.

Step 5: After that click on Recipient >> Mailboxes

Step 6: Select the Exchange mailbox that you would like to migrate from EDB to PST file format >> Right click on this mailbox >> Export to a PST file >> Next >> Choose the Destination Path >> Next >> Finish


In this post we have discussed different methods to easily convert EDB to PST. Hope you were able to migrate EDB to PST format by using the steps mentioned above. Also please let us know in the comments that which method you have used to perform the conversion. Thanks for giving your valuable time in reading this article.

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